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Live in Loria review.
A review of Live in Loria available on Onda Alternativa.

Competition Canevel Music Club.
Look at the event's pictures.

Competition Canevel Music Club.
Friday, February 5 at the prestigious local Pes.co of Tessera (Venice), an evening dedicated to the semifinals of the competition Canevel Music Club Vibrando and Inside or you the two tracks with which I participate in live set.

Live in Loria cd17/11/2009
Inside or you video!
Directed by renowned video maker Graziano Staino absolutely fantastic to see the full music video taken from Inside or you. The wizard-shaman engaged in an esoteric and psychedelic ritual raises with the power of music and rhythm to the dancing creature embodied by the Russian model Poline Shevchenko.
Original sounds and images for a video author!

Live in Loria review.
A review of Live in Loria available on Losthighways.

Live in Loria review.
The first review of Live in Loria available on AloneMusic.

Live in Loria!
The fantastic cd live is real now! Available on info@robertoceli.it.

A new forthcoming cd live!
It will include songs performed during the concert of Carpi and the Inside or you studio version. Not to be missed!

Vibrando in Carpi!
Look at the event's pictures.

Vibrando live in Carpi!

Listen to the track in the live version!

Vibe musical night event.
A special live event will be on Friday 14 november h.21 with Roberto Celi. Covers and original tracks for "Vibrando" in the magnificent "Auditorium Biblioteca multimediale Loria" in Carpi (MO) R. Pio street. The live is a part of a great instrumental and musical language review organized by the Loria multimedia library.

Inside or you: a new track, listen to Myspace!
Inside or you is a new track wich can be listened on MySpace!

Bowie’s covers selected by www.repetitionbowie.com
Bowie’s covers included in Clouds by fire are now available on www.repetitionbowie.com powered by Gianluca Sorace.
The man who sold the world and Speed of life in the dedicated page on the website.

Clouds by fire26/05/2008
A Clouds by fire review.
Online on MusicMap a new review.

A Clouds by fire review.
Online on Inmusica a new review.

A Clouds by fire review.
Online on Mescalina a new review.

A Clouds by fire review.
Online on Onda Alternativa a new review.

A Clouds by fire review.
Online on Lost Highways a new review of the album.

A Clouds by fire review.
Online on Alone Music a review of the new album.

A Clouds by fire review.
Online on SentireAscoltare a review of the new album.

A Clouds by fire review.
On Asap the first review of the new album.

Available for selling the cd Clouds by fire.
For selling and information contact me on: info@robertoceli.it.

A Vibrando review.
On Kathodik another Vibrando review.

A Vibrando review.
On Paesi Tuoi a new Vibrando review.

Another Vibrando review.
On MusicMap a Vibrando rewiev.

Duets with Antonella Mazza.
Summertime” and “The man who sold the world”: two pieces where vibraphone and electric bass have a talk together…
Absolutely to listen to!

“Clouds by fire” is almost consisting of cover pieces….here the tracks-list.
The unfailing Bowie with “The man who sold the world” and “Speed of life” next to the Beatles of “Yesterday” and “Michelle”.
A dutiful tribute to Gershwin with the celebrated “Summertime” close to the melodic “Perfect day” old Lou Reed’s song following by a particular “Just my imagination” of the Cranberries.
Two ones finishing the list: real blues-jazzy “Jumping in our soul” and finally the dreamy title-track “Clouds by fire”.
Listen to “Clouds by fire”: a new musical dimension!

“Clouds by fire” is the title of the new forthcoming cd.
Nine acoustic and instrumental pieces (seven covers and two unpublished works) that’s what you will listening on my cd. The track-list has been influenced by the music direction I always follow and considering the instrumental sound-technical development. Other musicians have shared in the recording but remarkably Antonella Mazza on electric bass in two ones.

A Vibrando review.
On InMusica a new review of Vibrando.

A new cover cd is approaching.
A new cd is approaching: it will be acoustic and almost completely consisting of cover pieces.
The tracks list count also Bowie, Beatles and L. Reed.. look out the news in the next few weeks!

Vibrando review on MusciBoom.
Roberto Celi is a vibe player with various musical experiences, his Maestro is the great vibist and marimbist Daniele Di Gregorio (Paolo Conte you know as well).
Shift musician with Brychan and Italian songwriter Moltheni now Roberto, with the four instrumental tracks in Vibrando, attempt a somewhat less conventional way to use his instrument. Drums, doublebass and some light electronic support accompany the vibe in a sequence of four short pieces (each one under three minutes) once emphasizing ethereal coloration (listen to “carriage in the city”) and then quickening the step joyfully on the border of a pure divertissement.
The complete plan’s outline as far as composition show us that the music direction to follow is not probably that which contemplate traditional rhythms (“searching”) but the more acclimatized and extended one. However the project is at the beginning: there’s whole time to grow up and test oneself, the fancy to dare, moreover, it seems don’t lack.

A new musical project is coming.
After many good reviews and favourable listening opinions about Vibrando a new musical project is coming… further details very soon!

Rewiew in Sentireascoltare music magazine.
"Vibraphone player with Brychan some time back, Roberto Celi means to show in fuor instrumental tracks of Vibrando the vibe’s pop capabilities.
Melody have shining sound facets and airy darting density. Here is recall power about exotic and unkown nostalgia, it seems to sink continuously into the same pop gelatine of Battiato’s Sentimiento Nuevo or among the tasty jazzy soundtracks in the last ten-year periods."

A Vibrando review.
On Asap a new review of Vibrando.

A new review of Vibrando.
On Extra music magazine a new review of Vibrando.

Review’s remark.
Get and put your remark on Mescalina’s website.

Review of Vibrando.
On Mescalina the cd’s review.

A short video doc from TMC Help 2001.
An amazing video from the TV Italian transmission HELP broadcasting in 2001.
wmv 56K - wmv ADSL

The cd Vibrando among the eight finalists of Toast music award MEI 2006.
Toast music award for the instrumental musicians reached six editions this year.
The great interest and consequent participation get real eight finalist productions and the cd Vibrando is one of this.

Available for selling the cd Vibrando.
For selling and information contact me on: vibrando@robertoceli.it


Vibrando available in September.
Four instrumental pieces with vibe sound inserted in particular music and rhythmical movement.
The opening sound of first track “Vibrando” is an acoustic experimentation to decipher with vibraphone and double bass.
Searching” is approaching to melodic pop as second track while keeping on “Carriage in the city” we enter in an encircling atmosphere.
Fiesta sempre” is the ending piece as a tribute to Mexican sounds.
For further details vibrando@robertoceli.it.


Studio recording in July.
In July I’ll finish recording and mastering definitive version of my first soloist cd.
For further details vibrando@robertoceli.it.

Collaboration with Moltheni.
I will take part in a new cd recording of Italian songwriter Moltheni named “Toilette Memoria”.
Vibe sound on it.

First cd soloist is coming, the title will be “Vibrando”.
Completely instrumental, prepared and finishing will be available before the end of the year.
You must get it and listen the four instrumental pieces.